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International Potluck

Last night we had a great international potluck party in the lounge. The idea came from Trang (Vietnam) and Dario (Italy). They designed a note and sticked on the fridge to allure everyone.


We even had a "real" menu which was attractive enough to water our mouths. Everyone was super excited and kept discussing about the event.


Although the party started at 8pm, around 9am, several people waked up and went to Bleinhem to shop. Some prepared their food.

At 4pm, the kitchen was full of people. We talked, teased at each other and tasted foods. It was such an amazing time.


Dario and Lorenzo (Italy) made 7 pizza. Unbelievable!!! They wanted us to hate pizza at least in 1 month.

Phil, Rena and Erika was in charged of kimbab.


And many many more dishes


Everyone was very full and happy about the party. We wish to organize more of this.


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